Dog Walking and Pet Care where no animal is too big or small!

Animal Buddies Pet Care Dog walking and Pet sitting services is a friendly and helpful business that allows us to use our knowledge and expertise to help people with pets. Dannyelle recognised that the busy day to day life means that we don't always have time to give our pets the attention or care they need but, with her help, you no longer need to worry about walking Fido or feeding Patch the parrot.

Dannyelle is non judgemental and always on hand to help. She wants the same as you, the best possible care for your pet. Working 9-5pm, going on holiday, trips to the hospital or illness no longer needs to affect your pets care. Animal Buddies Pet Care is here to help.

Animal Buddies Pet Care will work hard to ensure your pet has an enjoyable, fun filled experience. Each pet sit/visit and dog walk is tailored to your pets needs. This guarantees that your pet, no matter what age or special requirements it may have, will have as much fun on a walk or a sit as she does!


Betsy absolutely loves jumping in the river for a cool down. The excitement is tripled when she knows Dannyelle is about to play a game of fetch with her!

Animal Buddies Pet Care's dog walks are located all around Gloucestershire and we ensure they are as varied as possible. Dannyelle loves watching the dogs chase each other in large open fields and splashing around in cool refreshing rivers. Where possible, she also tries to take the dogs on a little detour around small woods so that they get a chance to explore sounds, smells and even sights they may not usually get to discover.

Animal Buddies Pet Care offer three main services:

  • Dog walking - Dogs are walked either in groups where possible or individually. Walks take place in and around Gloucester, Cheltenham and Tewkesbury.
  • Dog Sitting - This can be doggy daycare or overnight dog sitting in the owners home. Times can be set to your requirements.
  • Other pet visits - From cats to parrots, this service offers a short visit to those pets that don't require all day/night stays.

Before we begin dog walks or pet sitting, Animal Buddies Pet Care arrange a 1-1 meet and greet to get to know you and your pets.

All breeds, species and sizes are considered for both our dog walking and pet sitting services. The pictures above show just a handful of the pets we have looked after. Because your pet will always see the same person during a visit or a walk, they are able to form close bonds. Animal Buddies Pet Care are able to bring out that cheeky personality of even the most shy of dogs and pets.

Heading photograph taken by John Gow Photography